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The easiest healthcare staffing company you’ll ever work with

We are headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and provide local per-diem, travel nursing, and permanent placement healthcare staffing services. All of our healthcare professionals undergo rigorous screening before being hired, so you can rest knowing when you have one of our staff members in your building, they are squared away. You can read more details about our screening process below on this page.

Our process to get started is very simple. Please select an option below or scroll down to learn more.

Our process is easy and simple

First, signing an agreement with us does not obligate you or your organization. No weird clauses prevent you from using another staffing company or anything else like that. Once you review and approve our agreement, we can move quickly to send the help you need when you need it. If we wait until you need the help, you could experience unnecessary delays.

We negotiate terms and rates, then email you the agreement for your review and approval

Once approved, we conduct a credit risk analysis to establish a starting credit line*

We go to work finding the healthcare professional staffing help you need

In the unlikely event we are unable to establish a starting credit line, other options are available and will be discussed with you.

Our healthcare professionals are second to none

Most employers say this, but we believe it due to our thorough screening process.

We won’t hire just anybody. Just because someone is an RN with 12 years of experience doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good fit for our organization or yours, for that matter. From the very first phone screen to the final interview, we dive deep with our candidates to understand what motivates them and why they chose to care as a profession. 

Local Per-Diem

Local assignments with no travel and great pay.

Travel Assignments

Get paid while visiting places on your bucket list.

Permanent Placement

Let us help you find your dream job, wherever it is.

Our initial screening process sets the bar high and makes sure only the best move on

→ Complete application

→ Phone screen

→ Two (2) professional reference checks

Finalists must complete a rigorous background screening process

→ Background check (7) years

→ Past employment verification

→ Education and license verification

→ Criminal and sex offender history screening

→ 13-panel medical professional drug screen

Our most frequently asked questions

Does signing your agreement obligate us to use your services?

Not at all. There is no obligation to use our services after signing the agreement. There is a non-exclusivity clause in the agreement which states: Agency acknowledges and agrees that notwithstanding Section 4, nothing in this Agreement obligates Client to use Agency services exclusively and that Client is free to contract with whomever they choose to provide same or similar services.

What do you charge?

It depends on the position type, the assignment length, and a few other factors. Your Account Manager will discuss rates with you during the initial phase of negotiations. We are very flexible because we truly want to help your organization – we aren’t out to gouge anyone.

We are paying a lot. Can you beat our current bill rates?

In most cases, yes; however, it depends on several factors. We know that most agreements prohibit the sharing of bill rates, so we like to ask you, using the honor system, where you need your rates to be to sign with us. In most cases, we can run the numbers and let you know on the spot. Our goal is to become your long-term strategic staffing solutions partner; not to charge you as much as we can until you tell us you’ve had enough. 

How long will it take for you to get me the help I need?

We have many qualified healthcare professionals on staff in various disciplines. We can usually get you the help you need within a few days. However, if our current healthcare professionals are busy working assignments or per-diem shifts, then it may take longer. Your Account Manager will keep you apprised of the status of all job orders.

HQ’d in Albuquerque, NM

We are conveniently located just off Interstate 25 between San Antonio and Paseo del Norte on the East Frontage Road.

Our Healthcare Professional’s screening detail

Our rigorous and thorough screening process ensures we hire only the best and most qualified healthcare professionals. This means you can rest assured when a MedNet employee is on duty at your facility.

Below is detailed information on the exact criteria we screen for during the application, interview, selection, and hiring process.

Description Frequency
Social Security Address / Alias Trace; County Criminal Search – 7 yrs. (all Counties developed by the SS Trace within the past 7 yrs.); USA Criminal Search Post offer / pre-employment; as required by Client; upon Agency rehire of Healthcare Professional
Description Frequency
Urine – 13 panel collected by a SAMHSA Certified Lab and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer Post offer / pre-employment; upon report/observation of reasonable suspicion; post incident/accident
Description Frequency
Searches for registered sex offenders in the USA Post offer / pre-employment; annually thereafter
Description Frequency
Searches all 50 states for disciplinary actions against a healthcare professional’s license and/or certification (i.e., excluded, reprimand, probation, etc.) Post offer / pre-employment; annually thereafter. All negative items are reviewed and investigated to determine eligibility
Description Frequency
Searches for current and unrestricted healthcare professional licenses and/or certifications Post offer / pre-employment; monthly thereafter; all restricted licenses and/or certification are not considered for employment
Description Frequency
Electronic submission of personal information, work history, education, and references by candidate for employment consideration with Agency Required for consideration of employment; all required employment documents and work eligibility reviewed for completion and compliance; incomplete or misleading applications are not considered for employment

Is it a ridiculous idea for us to talk?

Best case scenario, we save you money on your current bill rates. Worst case scenario, we have a great conversation – you learn about us and we have the privilege of learning about you. If you choose not to do business with us we may follow up from time to time with you but you will never be bothered with non-stop emails or phone calls. We have a strict “no pressure, ever” policy when it comes to sales and marketing.

So, other than more money in high bill rates, what do you have to lose?